KAMU-Classical. Stream the best soundtrack for studying.

KAMU-Classical: Your Soundtrack for Studying

In a fast-paced world dominated by fleeting trends and digital noise, classical music’s timeless allure can help offer a few moments of serenity. KAMU-FM offers not just a few of these moments, but a 24/7 livestream of our KAMU-Classical programming. With multiple ways to listen and a variety of shows, KAMU-Classical HD-2 is revolutionizing the way Aggieland consumes classical music.

Why KAMU-Classical?

The goal of KAMU-Classical is simple: to provide listeners with classical music that promotes stress relief and well-being, and creates feelings of inner peace. It is especially helpful to Aggieland’s students, faculty and staff who are studying, completing coursework, grading, or performing research.

Studies show that classical music has the power to enhance focus and concentration while increasing productivity. Whether you are deep in study sessions, grading papers or preparing lectures, let the soothing sounds of symphonies create a relaxing environment for your best focus possible. By listening to classical music, you give your critical thinking skills a chance to thrive.

KAMU-Classical also offers a way to relax amid the hustle and bustle of the workday. Stress and burnout are all too common, but classical music helps to calm the mind and body, leading to a healthier work-life balance. 

Classical Music Programming

KAMU offers three longtime favorite classical programs: “Performance Today,” “Pipedreams,” and “Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin.” 

Performance Today

Since 1987, “Performance Today” has provided listeners with iconic classical music pieces, in-studio performances and interviews, and weekly features such as the “Piano Puzzler” with composer Bruce Adolphe. Listeners can expect to hear both timeless classics and contemporary pieces. Hosted by Fred Child, “Performance Today” is a Peabody Award-winning show and is the most listened-to daily classical music program in the United States.


Hosted by Michael Barone, “Pipedreams” brings a unique, niche perspective to classical music listening. The program focuses specifically on organ music and each episode showcases a diverse repertoire of pipe organ pieces. In addition to presenting solo organ performances, “Pipedreams” also demonstrates the organ’s versatility as an ensemble instrument, featuring collaborations with other musicians.

Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin

This daily, one-hour show delves into a wide variety of topics in classical music. Each one-week, five-program series has a theme that pertains to composers and genres. Hosted by Bill McGlaughlin, a renowned conductor, composer and educator, “Exploring Music” offers listeners an in-depth understanding of classical music through insightful commentary, historical context and engaging storytelling.

You can find the complete KAMU-Classical schedule here.

How You Can Listen

KAMU-FM is proud to offer multiple ways to tune into KAMU-Classical:

24/7 Livestream 

KAMU-Classical is LIVE 24/7! Access our website livestream here.


A more portable way to listen is TuneIn. Download the TuneIn mobile app and search “KAMU-Classical” or use this direct link.

HD Radio

For more on how to listen in your car or on a personal radio, check out our KAMU-Classical instructions.

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