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Why You Should Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter

Ever wonder if there’s a way to get a sneak peek of what’s airing on KAMU-TV and KAMU-FM? There is… and it’s free!

At the beginning of every month, we compile the best upcoming TV and FM programming and send a free email newsletter to our subscribers. It’s a great way to stay up to date on your favorite returning shows, learn about new ones and keep in touch with what’s happening at Aggieland’s Public Television and Radio.


We know you might be wary of adding another email to your inbox that’s likely already overflowing with promotional emails. That’s why we’ve put together this newsletter preview: to give you a taste of exactly what you get when you sign up. There are no gimmicks here – just programs we enjoy that we think you will, too. And you can opt-out at any time.

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  2. Frequently Asked Questions

*Note: for a screen-reader-friendly version of this newsletter preview, please check out this accessible newsletter example from 2023.

Newsletter Preview

Featured Item

Each newsletter starts with the most important thing we want you to know about the upcoming month. Last September, for example, we featured the Season 2 premiere of our KAMU original show, “Texas A&M Today.”

An excerpt from the KAMU newsletter showing the featured item.

We provide a few notes and an airtime, if applicable. We add several links for the program, content or announcement to help you learn more.

Letter to Aggieland

Each month, a member of the KAMU team writes a short letter to our audience. We want you to get to know our people and what they do.

An excerpt from the KAMU newsletter showing the Letter to Aggieland.

Tune in to Watch

Next, you’ll receive several recommendations for shows to watch on KAMU-TV. Our selections vary across genres and airtimes in an effort to suggest something for everyone. Once again, we’ll provide a few notes, the show’s airdate and time, and a link or two if you want to learn more. For example, last fall, one of these sections featured two breathtaking nature shows.

An excerpt from the KAMU newsletter showing a Tune in to Watch item.

Tune in to Listen

If you’re a KAMU-FM fan, this section is for you. Although our radio lineup doesn’t change as much as our TV lineup, we always have one or two recommendations or announcements to share. Sometimes it’s about a show we think you’ll like and other times it’s a reminder of new ways you can engage with KAMU-FM and KAMU-Classical/HD-2. We’ll provide a few notes, the airdate and time, if applicable, and a link or two for learning more.

An excerpt from the KAMU newsletter showing a Tune in to Listen item.

KAMU in the Community

We love seeing our Brazos Valley community at local events. In this section, you’ll find a brief schedule of the events KAMU is attending each month. We’ll provide a day, the location, the name of the event and a link where you can find the time and other important details. Come out and see us!

An excerpt from the KAMU newsletter showing local community events.

Featured Shows in KAMU Passport

Our newsletter wraps up with three staff picks for exciting shows to watch on KAMU Passport. These are a mix of already popular shows that you can binge immediately and new, niche shows that we think you might enjoy. You can gain access to Passport by donating at least $5 per month or $60 per year — unlocking our monthly picks and thousands more.

An excerpt from the KAMU newsletter showing featured Passport shows.

In Conclusion

The monthly newsletter is the best of KAMU-TV and KAMU-FM in one free email, sent once a month. No need to search through our schedule or website or resort to Google to find answers about what to watch. We keep it simple and give you the information you need to know about each show and announcement we’re making. It’s our way to say thank you to our donors, subscribers and fans across the Brazos Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up?

It’s quick and easy – simply visit our subscription page and enter your name and email address. That’s it. You’ll be on your way to receiving our programming sneak peeks in no time.

Who does the email come from?

Every email we send comes from kamu@tamu.edu. The subject line is often “KAMU (name of month) Newsletter.”

How many emails will I get?

One a month and an extra one during the holiday season. We don’t overcrowd your inbox. In the future, we may roll out additional newsletters about specific topics, but you will be able to choose whether or not to receive those new emails.

When will I get your emails?

We send our newsletters during the first week of every new month. Exact days and times vary.

What if I signed up but am not getting emails?

First, check your spam folder. Add kamu@tamu.edu to your contacts or address book to make sure our emails always make it to you.

If that doesn’t work, you may have opted out by mistake. Re-enter your email on our subscription page and you’ll be back on the list.

What if I don’t want to get your emails anymore?

We’re sorry to see you go. There is an opt-out link at the bottom of every email we send. Click the link and follow the instructions. And if you ever want to receive our emails again, simply re-enter your email on our subscription page and you’ll be back on the list.

What if I have more questions or still need help?

Please email kamu@tamu.edu for assistance.

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