Behind the Scenes of First Friday

Behind the Scenes of First Friday with KAMU

Every month, KAMU attends a wide variety of events to engage with you — our dedicated listeners, viewers and supporters. One of the events we participate in every month (excluding January) is First Friday!

This event is held on the first Friday of every month in Downtown Bryan. During this time, KAMU interacts with the community by chatting with guests and inviting them to spin our wheel of prizes. If you plan to visit us during First Friday, you can find us on Main Street under the bright yellow PBS KIDS tent.

KAMU works hard every month to prepare for this event, including meetings, schedule planning and day-of tasks. Now, we want to give you a special behind-the-scenes look at a typical First Friday for the KAMU team. Follow Marketing Coordinator Alex Bowden and her student workers Elizabeth and Emiley throughout their day.

Want to see even more of First Friday? Check out this photo essay that highlights the culture and ambiance of this cherished event.

Starting the Day

Around 2 p.m. on the day of First Friday, the KAMU team heads to our warehouse to gather supplies and decorations. We pack our tent, table, chairs, heaps of goodies to give away and Curious George, of course.

KAMU team loading car for First Friday

Packing can be a pretty tedious process, but the team loves to give a loud cheer once it is all done. After this, we’re on our way to Downtown Bryan.

KAMU team cheering after packing up for First Friday

But before we take off, a pose for the camera is always necessary!

Alex, Emily and Elizabeth posing for the camera

Time to Set Up

Once we arrive in Downtown Bryan, it’s time to start setting up our booth. The team unloads all our supplies and begins setting up our PBS KIDS tent.

Alex, Emily and Elizabeth starting to set up booth

Next is when it all starts to come together. We put out our prize wheel, set up the table and begin to decorate the space.

Alex setting up a table

Emily laying out a table cloth

Once the booth is all set up, we finish by adding our adorable PBS KIDS banner. This is definitely a team effort, as the stand can be a bit tricky.

Alex and Emily setting up a PBS KIDS banner

Alex and Elizabeth setting up the banner

Another pose for the camera, everyone!

Elizabeth, Emily and Alex standing next to PBS KIDS banner

After everything has been set up, the crew is here to greet you! Starting around 5 p.m., we welcome guests to our booth for an evening full of community fun.

KAMU team sitting behind table during First Friday

Our Favorite Part of the Evening – Spending it with You!

As the sun starts to fall, the streets of Downtown Bryan fill with tons of vendors and even more guests. We invite visitors to our booth to spin our wheel of prizes. Depending on what the wheel lands on, you could win a sticker, magnet, coloring book or even a t-shirt.

First Friday guest spinning the KAMU prize wheel

Throughout the night, the KAMU team gets to know each visitor. It’s one of the things we are most passionate about — getting to know the people who make us who we are.

Emily giving out prize to guest

It’s all smiles around here!

KAMU team chatting with First Friday guest

At the end of the evening (around 9 p.m.) the KAMU team packs up, heads home and begins the planning process for next month’s First Friday.

Come visit us at First Friday in Downtown Bryan every month (excluding January). Once you spot the the bright yellow PBS KIDS tent, you’ll find our spirited team who is eager to meet you!

Check out our Community Calendar for a full list of events KAMU will be attending.

For more information on First Friday, visit Destination Bryan’s website.

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