Hannah's Guide to Local Coffee Shops

Hannah’s Guide to Local Coffee Shops

Howdy! My name is Hannah Morris and I am a student media producer at KAMU. This spring semester, I have had the privilege of visiting Bryan-College Station’s bevy of local, unique coffee shops to hear their stories and learn more about each business. Every shop has its own story and appeal that became clear with each visit. Continue reading to discover your next favorite local spot!

One of my biggest observations throughout this experience was seeing how college students impact these shops. Not only are they some of the most frequent customers, but it is also primarily students that I would find behind the counter making drinks and serving customers every day. I got to meet just two of the many dedicated student baristas who work at these local shops. To hear more about their experience, listen to this audio story.



College Station Locations

What’s the Buzz Coffee Company

Inside What's the Buzz Coffee Co.

Originally started as a coffee roaster in 2014, What’s the Buzz Coffee Co. has its very own storefront located on Texas Avenue in College Station. The menu is full of sweet treats, savory breakfast items and a variety of coffees all roasted by owner Rodrigo Chavez and his team. 

Coffee on counter at What's the Buzz

Recommended by the What’s the Buzz barista team: “Thunderstruck”: a latte with honey and cinnamon. 

To learn more about the roasting process, watch this video special with Chavez as he discusses his story and passion for coffee. 

Gogh Gogh Coffee Company

Counter of Gogh Gogh Coffee Lounge

Located just off Highway 6, Gogh Gogh is a popular study spot for many students. Their menu consists of a large variety of coffee beverages, teas and lemonades. Their front counter also has a pastry cooler filled to the brim with muffins and croissants. 

Recommended by the Gogh Gogh barista team: a “Vin-Cinnamon” latte. Served hot or over ice, this latte is made with white mocha, vanilla and cinnamon. 


Sweet Eugene’s

Counter of Sweet Eugene's

Another popular hangout and study spot for local students is Sweet Eugene’s. Aggie-owned and operated, their large menu is sure to please any thirsty customer. When visiting, be sure to walk throughout the larger-than-expected store. Each wall is covered with eclectic art and decor and makes this spot truly one of a kind. 

Bag of donuts from Sweet Eugene's

Aside from any pastry or donut in the cooler, the Sweet Eugene’s barista team recommended their “title track” drink: an iced “Eugene latte.” 


The Brew Coffeehouse

Sitting area of The Brew Coffeehouse

The Brew Coffeehouse is a quaint local shop next door to Connecting Point Church. The large open space is pleasantly lit with large hanging bulbs combined with warm natural light. From the ceilings hang old, weathered pallets that truly give an earthy feel to the store. With the minimalist decor and soft music playing, it became clear why this is another popular study spot for students. 

Front counter of The Brew Coffeehouse

Recommended drink by The Brew barista team: a “Secret Handshake”: a latte with white chocolate, caramel and vanilla. 


Carport Coffee

Outside seating area of Carport Coffee

Carport Coffee is located on University Drive right across the street from the northside of Texas A&M’s campus. As expected, the shop was packed with students studying, socializing and grabbing a quick bite before class. Carport has indoor tables as well as a large outdoor seating area with long benches that allow for tons of friends to gather around. With its loud, peppy music and chatty customers, the cafe was spilling over with positive vibes.

Recommended by the Carport barista team was one of their house coffees: the “Aussie,” made with lavender, agave, cinnamon and oat milk.


La Gabriella Coffeeshop & Pastries

Counter of La Gabriella Coffeeshop and Pastries

What started as a bakery by Gabriella and her husband has evolved into a full coffee shop. The bright yellow walls filled with meaningful memorabilia give the shop such a homey atmosphere. Located across from the main entrance of A&M on Texas Avenue, La Gabriella has a large menu full of different breads, pastries and coffees to enjoy.

Counter of La Gabriella Coffeeshop and Pastries

Recommended by the La Gabriella barista team: the shop’s signature Guatemalan bread.

To learn more about Gabriella and the story behind her coffee shop, listen to this audio story.



Bryan Locations

POV Coffee House

Baristas at POV Coffee House

Sitting Room at POV Coffee House

POV provides a classy, modern twist to a local coffee shop. Immediately after walking in, I was greeted with positive vibes and the chatter of a full cafe. Customers and studiers filled the large, wooden tables and were surrounded by bright natural lighting from the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Coffee from POV Coffee House

The POV team recommended one of their signature drinks: “The Teddy Bear.” This beverage contains steamed espresso over ice with madeleine, honey, brown sugar and cinnamon, competing with recognizable flavors similar to that of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Teddy Grahams. 


Polite Coffee Roasters

Outside of Polite Coffee Roasters

Located in the historic Kyle House in Downtown Bryan, Polite Coffee Roasters provides a modern twist on classic coffee beverages and cocktails. After ordering from the wooden coffee counter, be sure to take a tour through the museum-esque cafe. Each room feels as if it has its own story to tell from memories shared within the walls. 

Two baristas at Polite Coffee Roasters

*At the time of my visit, both baristas at the bar were also named Hannah, which made this coffee extra special!*

Cup of coffee at Polite Coffee Roasters

The Polite barista team recommended their most popular drink: an iced “Kyle House,” a latte with honey and cinnamon. 


Tavo Coffee Co.

Outside of Tavo Coffee. Co

Sitting area at Tavo Coffee Co.

Tavo Coffee Company is located on Main Street in Downtown Bryan. When walking through, all the counters are filled with plants and minimalistic decor. As you travel to the back of the shop, you will pass several seating rooms with couches, armchairs and high tables. Tavo serves everyone’s favorite coffee classics such as lattes and americanos while also offering unique teas and pour-over beverages. 

Counter of Tavo Coffee Co.

Recommended by the Tavo barista team: a classic vanilla latte with oat milk and cinnamon. 


Koala Bakery and Cafe

Counter of Koala Cafe and Bakery

You can find Koala Bakery and Cafe on Texas Avenue in Bryan. During my visit, I was greeted by the Koala cafe team and a room full of quiet yet busy studiers. The shop offers a wide selection of pastries and beverages, including unique twists on classic milk teas, matcha and freshly brewed tea. 

Pastry cooler of Koala Cafe and Bakery

Recommended by the Koala Bakery and Cafe barista team: a brown sugar milk tea. 


Harvest Coffee Bar

Outside of Harvest Coffee Bar

Another Downtown Bryan coffee spot is Harvest Coffee Bar. Located in the heart of Main Street in downtown, Harvest has many classic coffees and signature drinks to choose from. The exposed brick, old-school wooden tables and “A Christmas Story” leg lamp in the window make visitors feel like they’re taking a trip through time.

Counter of Harvest Coffee Bar

Recommended by the Harvest barista team: an iced “Harvest” latte with oat milk.

Bonus: Learn How to Make a Latte

Do all of these coffee shops have you thirsting for more? Check out this quick “how-to” video as a local barista takes you through the step-by-step process of making a latte.

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