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Title cards for All Creatures Great and Small, Vienna Blood, Call the Midwife, Sanditon and Finding Your RootsWith KAMU Passport, you can stream many of your favorite PBS programs on-demand. Enjoy past seasons and early access previews of the best “MASTERPIECE” dramas, science and nature programs like “NOVA” and “NATURE,” past episodes of the always popular “Antiques Roadshow,” TV’s finest documentaries including the Ken Burns Collection, “American Experience,” “POV” and more, awe-inspiring arts programs including “Great Performances” and “American Masters,” and several KAMU original programs.


It’s simple. Support our mission of providing media that educates, inspires and entertains through a donation of at least $60 a year or $5 a month and we’ll thank you with KAMU Passport. You’ll receive an email with an activation code. After an easy registration process through the PBS website, you’ll be ready to start binging all your favorites. By the way, if you pay with credit card, we’ll email you an activation code instantly. If you choose for us to bill you, we’ll email you an activation code as soon as we receive and process your payment.

→ Think you may already have Passport? Use the member lookup tool to find out.

→ Need help with activation? Check out our instructions and technical support section.


That’s the beauty of KAMU Passport. It’s accessible on nearly every device and platform. Watch with any of these devices:

To access Passport using PBS.org, simply sign in using the account you created during the Passport registration process.

To access Passport using the PBS App, look for the menu in the top left corner, designated by three lines. Click “Sign In” and use the account you created during the Passport registration process.

KAMU Passport Recommendations

The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

A pop icon, Bob Ross offers soothing words of wisdom as he paints captivating landscapes. Dozens of episodes are available with Passport.


This award-winning cold case crime drama follows veteran London detectives who search for the truth behind tangled, complicated murders from the past. Watch every episode with KAMU Passport.


Gallant 18th-century hero Ross Poldark rides again in this reimagined “MASTERPIECE” classic. All five seasons of this swoon-worthy show are on Passport.

Country Music: A film by Ken Burns

Hear the remarkable stories of the people and places behind a true American art form. One of Ken Burns’ finest documentaries streams on Passport.

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway singing on Austin City Limits.

The quintessential television music program from right here in the State of Texas. Multiple seasons are available on Passport.

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Activation is easy and we’ve created step-by-step instructions to walk you through it. View our guides to the right. You can also check out the PBS Help website to find answers specific to your streaming device.

Once your account is activated and you’re properly logged in to either PBS.org or the PBS App, you will see a blue Passport compass (KAMU Passport compass icon) next to your name. That means any video with that icon is now available to you. If you’ve activated Passport but don’t see the compass next to your name, read this troubleshooting article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get about KAMU Passport.

Is KAMU Passport an automatic benefit?

If you give $60 a year, then yes! However, while the benefit is automatic, you do still have to activate it. Once you donate, we’ll email you an activation code that you must use to register your Passport account. If your activation code has expired, please contact our office.

What if I’m already a KAMU member?

You may be eligible for Passport and not even know it. If you’re donating at least $60 per year, you qualify for a personal activation code. Please contact our office and we will email it to you. If you aren’t donating $60 per year but want to increase your gift to receive Passport, please contact our office.

Do I need anything to be able to access Passport?

Other than your donation, the only thing you need is a valid email address. The only way we can send you your personal activation code is through email.

How quickly will I receive my activation code?

If you pay with credit card, we’ll email you your activation code instantly. If you choose for us to bill you, we’ll email you your activation code once we’ve received and processed your payment.

Is every PBS show on KAMU Passport?

Not necessarily. Passport is subject to streaming rights negotiations which means other streaming platforms might have the rights to shows that traditionally air on PBS. For example, past seasons of “Call the Midwife” are NOT typically available on Passport. While the show routinely airs on KAMU, a different provider owns the streaming rights to the story of TV’s favorite nuns.

Regardless, with more than 1,000 episodes and films, you’re sure to find a bevy of Passport programming to entertain you for hours.

Can Passport only be used on a computer?

No, Passport can also be used on your smartphone, tablet or most TV streaming devices and smart TV’s through the PBS App. For help getting the app downloaded on TV streaming devices, click here.

Can I download Passport videos for offline viewing?

Not at this time. Passport videos require an internet connection to stream at all times.

Can I use Passport on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes! Simply sign in with the same account information. There is no limit to the number of devices you can sign in on at once.

Can I access PBS KIDS content with Passport?

PBS KIDS content is currently available to stream for free on pbskids.org or the PBS KIDS App and does not need Passport to be watched.

What if I want to change the email address I used to activate my Passport account?

PBS offers two ways to make this change. Check out this article from their help section to learn more.

What do I do if my Passport says it’s expired?

Your KAMU membership may have expired. Please contact our office for assistance.

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