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How to Find KAMU-Classical/HD-2, NEW: Now With Instructional Videos

These are exciting times for Aggieland’s Public Radio!

KAMU-Classical is our new, high-quality HD Radio® station that offers classical music 24/7, including listener favorites such as “Performance Today,” “Pipedreams” and “Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin.”

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If you’re not already familiar with finding free HD Radio® stations, don’t worry! You can listen in most vehicles, on a portable HD Radio, on your computer, phone or tablet, or on your smart device. We’ve put together simple instructional videos to guide you through finding KAMU-Classical/HD-2, which you can watch above or on KAMU’s YouTube channel. We’ve also created a set of simple written instructions, which you can find below.

Symphony performs in concert hall

How to enjoy KAMU-Classical (HD-2), your new HD Radio® station

KAMU-Classical is a free HD Radio® station that can be listened to in most vehicles, on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other smart devices, and on home or portable HD radios.

What is HD Radio?Listen in a CarListen on a Home RadioListen OnlineListen on a Smart SpeakerWhere Can I Buy an HD Radio?

– What is HD Radio®?

Hybrid Digital radio is a technology that enables KAMU to broadcast programs through a high-quality digital signal. These signals are free of static or interference and feature cleaner, richer sound. HD Radio® is not satellite radio, such as SiriusXM. An HD Radio® receives programming, including regular FM stations such as KAMU, at no cost.

– Listening in a car or on a home radio

Watch these instructions in video form

Many 21st-century vehicles have an HD Radio® built in. If your vehicle has one – or if you have an HD Radio® in your home or as a portable device – simply tune it to 90.9 KAMU-FM and wait a few seconds for the HD® logo to light up and/or the numbers 1 and 2 to appear. Those numbers allow you to select and listen to our two noise-free content and music streams at no cost:

HD-1: (KAMU 90.9-1): This is the higher-quality version of our 90.9 FM broadcast.
HD-2: (KAMU-Classical 90.9-2): This is the new channel you’re looking for!

– Listening online

Watch these instructions in video form

The easiest way to listen to either KAMU-Classical or KAMU on your computer or smart device is through our website. From your favorite web browser, use our Listen Live page to find the station you want to listen to.

– Listening on a smart speaker

Watch these instructions in video form

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is available on Google Home smart speakers, Android devices and even iOS devices using the Google Assistant app.

To listen to KAMU-Classical, say, “Hey, Google, play KAMU-Classical on TuneIn.”
To listen to 90.9 FM, say, “Hey, Google, play KAMU on TuneIn.”

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is available on Amazon Echo smart speakers, Amazon Fire TV’s and tablets, and the Amazon mobile app on Android and iOS devices.

To listen to KAMU-Classical, say, “Alexa, play KAMU Classical 90.9 on TuneIn” or “Alexa play KAMU-HD2 on TuneIn.”
To listen to 90.9 FM, say, “Alexa, play KAMU on TuneIn.”

– Where can I buy an HD Radio®?

There are many in-store and online options, whether for your car (yours may already have an HD-capable receiver!), home or office. Several options are listed at hdradio.com.

Remember, all HD Radios® receive both FM and HD signals, and all HD signals are free.

Want to know every program that airs on 90.9 KAMU-FM and KAMU-Classical? Browse our list of A-Z Programs.

Didn’t quite catch the name of a recently-played song? Use our Playlist Search function to track down your new favorite song.

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