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After an exceptional debut season in 2022, “Texas A&M Today” returned for Season 2.

Premiering fall 2023 on KAMU-TV and streaming online, Season 2 went behind-the-scenes at A&M with more than 30 new stories about Aggies making a difference.

We met nurses, honey bee researchers, ship conservationists, race car builders, floral designers, musicians and more. You can hear from some of the best and brightest in Aggieland — and learn new Aggie facts.

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Season 2 Summary:

Debris flies as a girl knocks mud off of a Revolutionary War cannon.

Conservation at Texas A&M


Learn how Aggies are preserving and protecting the Earth and its heritage — from bees to old ships to animal specimens.

The moon.

Innovation at Texas A&M


Texas A&M researchers are working to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time, innovating for a better future.

Plants in a greenhouse.

Supporting Life at Texas A&M


Improving the lives of humans and animals — we’re diving into a few ways faculty, staff and students do that every day.

A child plays with toys as her parents and a nurse watch.

Supporting People at Texas A&M


Texas A&M thrives at supporting Texans in all walks of life. See how A&M serves local families, prepares for emergencies and empowers veterans.

A race car driver lowers his visor.

Honing Skills at Texas A&M


A&M isn’t just awarding degrees – we’re teaching and honing new skills. Check out a few ways we’re training students and professionals.

A videocamera.

Extended Q&A Interviews


We speak with a Texas A&M difference maker for a few minutes at the end of each episode, but here we upload the full interviews for you to stream at any time.

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Catch Up on Season 1

“Texas A&M Today” debuted in the fall of 2022 with six episodes, 35 stories and more than 80 interviews.

Images from segments in Season 1 of "Texas A&M Today."

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Dr. Tatiana Erukhomiva and host Chelsea Reber smile at the camera.

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Stream extended Q&A segments plus a special science experiment with Dr. Tatiana Erukhimova.

Season 1 Bonus Features

Season 2 Photo Gallery

Two beekeepers are filmed while pulling out beehives.

A sticker on a window that says Girls Just Want to Keep Bees.

Chelsea Reber and Dr. Yue Zhang talk while driving.

Chelsea Reber and Dr. Delbert Gatlin poke their fingers in a fish tank.

Chelsea Reber and Dr. Delbert Gatlin feed fish.

Chelsea Reber and Bill McKinley are filmed while making floral arrangements.

Chelsea Reber and floral designer Bill McKinley hold their arrangements as they get their picture taken.

A curious dog pokes his nose into a camera lens.

Colin from Surfaces is filmed while he plays guitar.

Colin Padalecki plays the piano.

Colin Padalecki is interviewed by KAMU.

An old black and white picture of a mummy at Texas A&M

A crew member puts a microphone on the university police chief.

A crew member films plants at a greenhouse.

A crew member films a professor talking about corn breeding.

Dr. Rhonda Miller shows Chelsea Reber how to be an expert taste tester.

An automotive engineer takes a wheel off their race car.

A race car driver prepares to drive away.

A museum curator asks questions on camera.

A KAMU cameraman films a graduate student working on a Revolutionary War cannon.

The cameras and crew watching an interview taking place on the Rudder Auditorium stage.

A professor teaches two students how to properly cook meat.

A student checks the temperature of a ground beef patty.

Chelsea Reber talks to Tim Green at the BCDC.

Chelsea Reber talks to veterinarian Dr. Lori Teller.

The “Texas A&M Today” show team would like to thank all university partners for their assistance and support for Season 2. Gig ’em!

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