The Heart of Art

Local Host Hector Niño • Saturdays, 2 p.m.

Join host Hector Niño for The Heart of Art, a KAMU original production featuring artists from the local community sharing their passion for all facets of art. Hector highlights individual artists by focusing on their creative journey and the impact their art has on the Brazos Valley. Tune in as new episodes air every Saturday at 2 p.m.



The Heart of Art: Xochitl Flores – Speechless Art July 13, 2024 Xochitl Flores is founder of Speechless Art, a business that sells art made by her two sons, Cuit & Necalli, who communicate mostly through drawings. All funds raised go towards their therapy to help them deal with their Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition that may affect some autistic people.
The Heart of Art: Cynthia Bradford – Theatre & Choir Teacher at IL Texas June 15, 2024 Cynthia Bradford is a person of many talents and a great example of time management. When she is not in her day job as a theatre and choir teacher at IL Texas, you can find her at The Theatre Company both on and off stage as a board member. You may even run into her making TikToks for her viral account that has over 40k followers. Find out how she does it all!
The Heart of Art: Dick Davison – Drawer & Painter, Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M College of Architecture May 18, 2024 Dick Davison, a Professor Emeritus of the Texas A&M College of Architecture, speaks about his immense scale art, how his architecture classes kindled his art career, and how his surrealist and impressionist works invite the unknown.
The Heart of Art: Marianne Henry – Brazos Valley Youth String Chamber Orchestra May 4, 2024 Owner and founder of the Brazos Valley Youth String Chamber Orchestra, Marianne Henry, discusses with us why she felt the need to create an orchestra where students learn alongside their parents. We also dive into her past accomplishments like being in the first African American ensemble to win a classical music competition and having the opportunity to play her violin alongside the voices of Whitney Houston and Patti Labelle.
The Heart of Art: Lyle Lovett ’79 – Texas A&M School of Performance Visualization & Fine Arts April 27, 2024 Singer, songwriter, & 4-time Grammy award winner, Lyle Lovett '79, sits with some students and local media personalities to talk about his time at Texas A&M, how much has changed, and how he sees the future of performance at the School of Performance Visualization and Fine Arts.
The Heart of Art: Beth Ralston – Junk Drawer by Beth April 13, 2024 Beth Ralston, owner and founder of Junk Drawer by Beth, speaks on starting an art business after the pandemic, paint pouring, and her merch creation for local bands.

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