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KAMU’s Passport for International Dramas

With KAMU Passport, you can access hundreds of your favorite PBS programs anytime, anywhere. Within Passport is “Walter Presents,” a collection of award-winning global dramas. Each program streams in its original language with accompanying English subtitles. With dozens to choose from, here are a few popular “Walter Presents” programs featured on KAMU Passport. 

Seaside Hotel

Seaside Hotel

Meet a clever cast of characters as the Andersen’s Seaside Hotel opens for the 1928 summer season. Among this comedic bunch is Fie, a new chambermaid who is immediately thrown into the drama and chaos that ensues throughout the lodge. During her time spent working at the hotel, Fie finds herself intertwined in disputes of love and loathing. Watch all nine seasons of this popular Danish program on KAMU Passport. 

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Sisi: Austrian Empress

One of KAMU Passport’s most popular programs, “Sisi” chronicles the true story of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria in the early 1800s. This period drama details the early years of her reign and the politics that surrounded her family’s rule. With constant twists and an imminent war looming in the future, discover the story of one of Europe’s most powerful female leaders. 

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Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion

Watch Passport’s adaptation of Maria Lang’s famous book series, “Crimes of Passion.” Puck and Einar are two academics who team up with the local police to solve a strange series of crimes in Bergslagen, Sweden. Each episode presents a new set of characters and mysteries for the duo. Yet, as Puck and Einar dive deeper into their cases, they suspect the true culprit is among those they love most.

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Astrid Nielsen is a librarian for the judicial police when she is recruited by her superiors to help solve the most complex of cases. By using her astonishing memory and investigative skills, Astrid is able to see intricate details from obscure cases and files that had previously been dismissed. Watch Astrid and her team of field experts solve a string of crimes in this French investigative drama. 

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Love, Inevitably

Stream this beloved program that captures shared love between two people who could not be more different. In “Love, Inevitably,” we meet Candela, a famous dancer, and Massimo, a stern businessman. As they continue to cross paths while journeying throughout Italy, Candela and Massimo can’t help but realize the growing connection between them. 

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Luna & Sophie

Luna and Sophie

Two best friends join together as detectives in this investigative series. With Luna’s habit for stirring up trouble and Sophie’s rigid moral compass, the two opposites use their differences to solve local cases in their small German town. With three seasons currently streaming, watch these two witty friends and their passion for solving crime on KAMU Passport.

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