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With humanity facing unprecedented challenges we must evolve and learn to mindfully coexist with Mother Nature and each other. Through the fun adventures of its multiracial hosts - vegan chef Michael and his yogi wife, Bianca - Conscious Living explores what it takes to be a more mindful human. Take a dip at a Zen hot springs meditation retreat near Big Sur. Heal with a yoga detox high in the Himalayas. Sit front row at an upcycled eco-fashion show in Hong Kong. Then hunt for the tastiest vegan street food from Bali to Berlin. Journey with Conscious Living around the world and travel the uncharted path to a brighter tomorrow.

Showing airdates for Conscious Living from Wednesday, Feb. 1 to Wednesday, Feb. 8

Net-Zero Staycation

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5:00 amWednesday, Feb. 120235:00:002023-02-01 05:00:00
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After a long journey, there's nothing more satisfying than returning home. On this episode, we celebrate the joy of staying put, while transforming our midcentury desert home into a net-zero oasis. With countless days of sun, temperatures topping 115 degrees, and A/C bills through the roof, Michael dons his toolbelt to see if we can harness solar energy to power our home yearround. Bianca takes a break from the action to hop on her electric bike for a vintage fashion show at a local art gallery. But first, breakfast. Michael kicks off the staycation with hearty vegan recipes from the farmer's market: a no-egg omelet and a cheezy sausage breakfast sandwich.

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