field trip with curtis stone

In FIELD TRIP WITH CURTIS STONE, chef Curtis Stone embarks on a global culinary journey to explore the spirit and passion of the destinations which inform the menu at Maude, his Michelin-starred restaurant in Beverly Hills. Curtis and friends travel to Australia, Italy, Spain and California, hunting pheasants, herding cattle and diving for pearls as they track the delicacies Curtis serves in his restaurant to their source.

Showing airdates for Field Trip with Curtis Stone from Wednesday, Feb. 1 to Wednesday, Feb. 8



3:00 pmWednesday, Feb. 1202315:00:002023-02-01 15:00:00
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Curtis heads to Maui to explore the local cuisine. Starting with a visit to a taro root farm, Curtis learns to make poi. While on an early morning boar hunt, locals explain that wild boar are considered invasive species to the Islands. Curtis sets out to sea with famed chef, Isaac Bancanco, to make lau lau. And Curtis can't resist a trip to the beach where he meets some local surfers and lunches on their favorite grinds before trying his hand at surfboard making.

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