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After a long school year, many students may switch out their backpacks and pencils for swimsuits and sunglasses. Even though soaking in that summer sun is one of our favorite activities, we also believe that learning doesn’t necessarily have to be left behind in the classroom. Here at KAMU, we are passionate about providing educational programs that inspire our viewers and listeners to embark on their own learning adventures every day. With PBS LearningMedia, kids in grades K-12 can play interactive educational games, complete structured lesson plans and learn alongside some of their favorite PBS KIDS characters. We compiled some of our favorite resources here, but you can visit PBS LearningMedia for dozens more to explore.

    1. Grades PreK-2
    2. Grades 3-5
    3. Grades 6-8
    4. Grades 9-12
    5. For Educators of All Grades

Grades PreK-2

Lessons for students PreK-2nd grade

Neighborhood Notebook (Full Episode) | Alma's Way | PBS LearningMedia

Learn ASL

Learn American Sign Language with some of your favorite PBS KIDS characters. In this program, episodes of popular PBS KIDS programs feature an ASL interpreter in the bottom corner of screens for students to follow along with. PreK and Kindergarten students can watch episodes of “Donkey Hodie” and “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” with the sign language interpreter. For slightly older learners, first and second graders can also learn ASL while watching episodes of “Alma’s Way.”

Reading Buddies

This program from Reading League’s “Reading Buddies” provides dozens of videos for young readers to learn the alphabet. Watch as Dusty, Dott and Alphabott teach readers how to sound out each letter of the alphabet while also demonstrating how to draw the letter with their invisible paint brush. You can also watch full episodes of Reading Buddies here.

Classroom Connection – Math

Learn all about shapes, patterns and numbers in this collection of math lessons from Classroom Connection. Containing instructional videos from 10-12 minutes long, young learners can practice their early math and geometry skills with real elementary school teachers. Want to advance your summer learning? This collection contains math lessons for students all the way through 5th grade.

You, Me & Community

In this unique program from PBS LearningMedia, lessons in civics, government, history and geography are broken down into perfect bite-sized instructional videos for young learners. Travel the globe with the crew from “Let’s Go Luna,” learn about voting from “Arthur” and friends or even watch as “Peg + Cat” visit a bank for the first time.

Stem with Stu

Lyla Loop’s unique sidekick, Stu, is here to teach you all things STEM! Learn skills in decomposition, human computer systems or even design processes. Each printable instruction card or online interactive lesson contains fun games that are designed to help students think outside the box (or outside the loop, that is!).

Grades 3-5

Lessons for students 3rd-5th grade

Cyberchase: Math | Cyberchase: Math | PBS LearningMedia

Learn Math with Cyberchase

Join the Cybersquad for a jam-packed collection that exercises math and problem-solving skills. Learn along with Matt, Inez, Jackie and the Cyberchase crew in these quick, 2-4 minute videos or in provided lesson documents. The collection is divided into sections that focus on basic algebra, measurement, geometry and more.

Junior Scientist Maker Program

Looking for some hands-on learning activities? Look no further than the Junior Scientist Maker Program. In this five-part series, learn the necessary skills required to be a scientist. Practice asking questions, problem solving, collecting data and communicating. What new discoveries will you make today?

No Nonsense Grammar

Reading is a skill that we are always practicing, but now it is time to put the pencil to paper and practice some grammar. In the “No Nonsense Grammar” collection, choose from dozens of videos that teach young writers about all things grammar, including independent and dependent clauses, sentence structure, tenses, spelling and more. Each lesson is a less than one-minute video that contains fun and interactive activities.

Grades 6-8

Lessons for students 6th-8th grade

Ken Burns in the Classroom | PBS LearningMedia

Ken Burns in the Classroom

Ken Burns has brought award winning documentaries to television screens for decades. Now, dive deep into history with “Ken Burns Classroom,” a PBS LearningMedia collection that houses each of his impactful films and series. Organized by era, go back in time to learn about our founding fathers, watch intricate retellings of both world wars or even take a look into the history of today.

History of the Earth

The “History of the Earth” collection takes students through the evolution of our planet. Focusing on geology, weather and climate, see how the earth has changed over time. With jaw-dropping visuals and unique cinematography, each short video or interactive lesson will leave students even more curious about the world around them.

Professional Development – Career Spotlights

Have you ever wondered what the careers of tomorrow could be? In “Career Spotlights,” learn about the different jobs that exist in renewable energy and biotechnology. Discover what it takes to become a marine biologist, a geneticist or even a mechatronics engineer. With an ever-changing world of endless possibilities, these videos shed some light on what opportunities exist for rising students of today.

Grades 9-12

Lessons for students 9th-12th grade

Dulé Hill's New Series on Artists and Communities | THIRTEEN - New York Public Media

Power of Art to Create Change

In the documentary series “The Express Way with Dulé Hill,” a diverse range of artists join together to discuss the power of art in bringing about social change. In this mini-series of lessons, students are encouraged to engage in meaningful discussions that spark new ideas as “artivists.” The program includes instructional videos, worksheets and teaching resources.

NOVA Science Studio – Journalism

NOVA Science Studio is a PBS LearningMedia program that strives to educate students on how to tell their own scientific stories. Students can develop their journalism skills through this collection of in-depth curricula, which can be used as foundational learning throughout the summer and even continued into the new school year. Each section of lesson plans works on building research skills, reporting, video production and more.

For Educators of All Grade Levels

Helpful resources for educators of all grades

Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids | Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids | PBS LearningMedia

Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids

This resource from the Child Mind Institute teaches students skills for better understanding themselves, others and the world around them. With a curriculum suited for grades 3-12, students can watch educational videos and complete worksheets that encourage them to think deeper about their own emotions, thoughts and feelings. By the end of the program, students will be better equipped to manage stress or intense emotions and improve their own decision making. All activities are also available in Spanish.

Exploraciones – Teaching Spanish

The “Exploraciones” program is designed for educators teaching Spanish to grade levels K-8. The collection contains engaging activities and easy to follow instructional videos. Play interactive games or even plan out your own curriculum with provided lesson plans.

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