Bluegrass Breakdown

Saturdays, 7-8 p.m.

Dave Higgs hosts Bluegrass Breakdown on Nashville Public Radio for KAMU-FM. It’s an emotionally-charged, heart-rending, paint-peeling, splinter-kicking one hour bluegrass show.

Thematically, we are all over the bluegrass map, boldly covering such hot topics as broken things in Bluegrassland, gospel train songs and “ain’t” tunes. We also make frequent trips to the seldom seen new bluegrass CD bins, where the latest discs in bluegrassdom are examined. And, of course, being based in Nashville, we feature scintillating conversation and live music with some of the best in bluegrass.

Our goal is to edify, educate and entertain — and we leave no instrument unpicked, no song unsung and no interview undone in our continuing effort to so.

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