Juneteenth Programming

Juneteenth Programming

Juneteenth marks a pivotal moment in history. On June 19, 1865, the announcement of the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in Texas was made. This day serves as a chance to celebrate African American heritage, culture and accomplishments, and KAMU wants to help by providing quality programs on TV and radio. We hope you’ll join us.

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Brazos Matters on KAMU-FM

Stories from College Station’s legacy Black families

In conjunction with local Juneteenth celebrations, the City of College Station will host a free screening of “Our Independence Day: Celebrating the Black Founding Families of College Station” which profiles descendants of Black families who helped settle and grow what would later become College Station. Many of those descendants continue to live on their families’ properties, in spite of decades of encroaching development and redevelopment. The documentary screening will take place on Thursday, June 15, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Lincoln Recreation Center, 1000 Eleanor Street, in College Station. Listen to the “Brazos Matters” interview with Barbara Moore and Cheletia Johnson as they explain why these stories remain important.

Buffalo Soldiers: Fighting on Two Fronts on KAMU-TV

Buffalo Soldiers: Fighting on Two Fronts

Monday, June 12 • 9 p.m.

The 14th Amendment, created by Congress, attracted many African American men to the military with an offer of citizenship in exchange for enlisting. Despite being denied this right because of Jim Crow legislation, they nevertheless served. Join KAMU as we explore the significant and often contradictory roles Buffalo Soldiers had on American history, as well as how they fought on two different front lines: civil rights battles and military battles.

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Fire on the Hill: The Cowboys of South Central LA on KAMU-TV

Fire on the Hill: The Cowboys of South Central LA

Tuesday, June 13 • 8 p.m.

KAMU presents the premiere of a Western documentary following three South Central Los Angeles-based Black cowboys. They set out to discover meaning, hope and independence through the cowboy way of life when a stable fire endangers their lifestyle. They investigate the physical and psychological aspects of what it means to be a “cowboy” in the modern world as they travel from the streets of Los Angeles to the professional rodeo circuit.

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Juneteenth: Faith and Freedom on KAMU-TV

Juneteenth: Faith and Freedom

Wednesday, June 14 • 4 p.m.

Award-winning filmmaker Ya’Ke Smith’s documentary, “Juneteenth: Faith and Freedom,” invites viewers into the story of Juneteenth, the holiday commemorating the end of legalized slavery in Texas. You’ll be able to capture the celebration of those who were freed on that historic day. The narrative exposes the terrible reality of slavery while also providing an illuminating look at how religion, hope and tenacity played a significant role in the fortitude of those who were able to survive it.

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Juneteenth: The Galveston Story KAMU-TV

Juneteenth: The Galveston Story

Sunday, June 18 • 3 p.m.
Tuesday, June 20 • 8 p.m.

A Texas-based historical documentary, “Juneteenth: The Galveston Story” shares stories from Galveston County residents and the descendants of those who lived there in 1865. They look back at their memories of Juneteenth and share tales that happened prior to, during and following the important day. This film is produced by two Aggie graduates and made its TV debut on KAMU in 2022.

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